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at the big board to show you exactly where the fire burned. the fire burned just east of interstate 80. there is macro plastics, and this is where travis air force base is less than 2 mi. from the plastics factory. our we had about 13 fire trucks and 50 fire fighters on scene battling the blaze. is a large commercial area. fortunately this fire has been contained to that building because just next to the building is east bay fire. and we all know how flammable tires are. fortunately, the fire has been contained. >> here is a check on the weather conditions. fairfield down to the southwest of were the fire is burning, ticket to the wind speeds. it is coming from the west and going to the east. it is bad news for the air base, but good news for those in fairfield. we have definitely seen breezier conditions than this, can now our wins, the temperatures 83 degrees. the wind around the area is rather calm. typically this time of day we could get wind gust in the upper 20s or right now the winds are a little calmer. now i just snapped a picture, and you can see a little smoke in here this
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are hearing about a two alarm fire in the laurel heights section of san francisco. we will use the big board to show you exactly where it is, fire crews are on the scene, they are currently sprang the fire with water it is in an apartment building and if we can take this--they are spraying the fire with water is in an apartment building. no injuries have been reported yet but we have a report on the scene. daniel, tell us what you see on the scene? >> i see there was some smoke coming out of the roof of the firefighters have found that all under control i was soon in so that you can see what building, the latter is still up there there are still people on top of the building they are doing the demolition part of the work now where they look for hot spots within the wall and what not, but the fire is under control, the crews are starting to pack up, traffic wise, you can see that it is blocked at spruce's all the way up to higher risk on the euclid so traffic is being rerouted onto other streets. >> you will notice more sunshine this afternoon, the fog cleared from the coastline. ticket to
. >> reporter: kron 4 news. >>> there is big news on the sports front for the san francisco giants, carlos beltran accepted a trade agreement leaving the new york mets to come to san francisco. the giants are giving up a pitching prospect for the all star slugger. kron 4's jr stone has been talking giants all day with fans. >> as a giants fan, bring on the slugger. >> reporter: it is time to celebrate. for one reason, the addition of carlos beltran, something that insiders say is a done deal. >> we need him. we need him so bad. bring him on. >> we got an offense. >> the giants had a magical season last year when they won the world series, while they are in first place they lack hitters. when the comes to hits, home run and rbis the giants are towards the bottom of the list. >> it's something we had to do giverren buster is out and we could use another bat. >> the offense needed help. >> i think it's not a must do but keeping them away from the phillys and the braves. >>> the giants are giving up jack wheeler who throw as 97 miles per hour fastball to get carlos beltran who already hit 15
and it is on the going to get worse. a big chunk of this lose their jobs. >> these papers are going to sit on the shelves, piled high and not make it to a court room for at least five years. >>reporter: lest clless clerks behind the window. they are expected to be having to wait " for several hours. the lines are out the door. >> obtaining a report will take months. obtaining a remorseful take at least 1.5 years. >>reporter: criminal cases will not be impacted or child custody will also not be impacted because the law requires them to be given priority. most everybody else needs to muster through the weight. >>catherine: more cut backs of the sentence oto the san frao court system. a follow-up to the firefighters said there getting reinstated to. a retraining course this is the first step of cutting 22 firefighters back on the job. 49 have been laid off because of the fema grant that now they can rehire them. the deal means that they cannot be laid off again for at least two years. the firefighters are getting two weeks of training before starting their jobs again. the city of san francisco is investigat
him about the arrest, so this is, is a big surprise and they said the police have been quiet about the investigation ever since they brought your body ramirez in as a suspect. and his attorney said that he was not aware of the latest developments in the case, so this caught everyone by surprise. >> we do not know anything about the two men that they have arrested. >> hopefully will know by tomorrow. >> a strange twist to a controversial story. >> of the wound on mr. harding body was self- inflicted. >> he was not killed by self--by san francisco officers kron4 explains what this new information means for the investigation. the man at the center of the controversy is 19 year-old kenneth harding, that is his photograph, he is a parolee from seattle it was originally thought that the police shot and killed him after they say that he opened fire on them after he dating a muni fair. tonight we are learning new details about his death. >> san francisco police are saying that kenneth harding received a self-inflicted wound. that means that he basically shot himself today the medical
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)